Instar Naturals

Instar Naturals
How To Use

Applying our Pollinate products is simple and fast.

  1. Place a pea-sized amount onto the plant tag in the Spring
  2. Place your plant tags in your garden in accordance with our garden map included in your product packaging
  3. Repeat every 6 weeks

"When I got my package of Pollinate Plus, I was excited to see what was in the box.

It comes with a thank you card, a sticker that says "I support honeybees", 10 placement tags, 1 tube of Pollinate and even a pair of gloves to keep me from making a mess.

I opened the tube, and broke the seal with the back end of the cap.

Then I put a large pea-sized amount of Pollinate onto the tag.

I placed it right next to my tomato plant, twisting the wire securely to the cage.

Hang Pollinate Plus anywhere you want better pollination!

Itís as easy as that!"