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We want to be a part of your perfect garden this spring!

We want to be a part of your perfect garden this spring! Adding pollinate plus to your gardening routine will result in 3 X’s the normal yield this season. Now is the time to start drawing those natural pollinators to your yard. It’s super easy, cost effective, safe and effective! Learn more by clicking the Read more about We want to be a part of your perfect garden this spring![…]

Orchardists testing bee-attractant paste

This from The Good Fruit Grower Read the full article at Yakima, Washington, start-up markets potent lure to boost pollination. Think of it as perfume from a caulking gun. Very strong perfume. “It’s like putting 1,000 flowers at one spot,” said Chris Nobbs, one of the owners of Pollinate Pro, a Yakima, Washington, start-up Read more about Orchardists testing bee-attractant paste[…]

How can Pollinate Pro help with good pollination?

Pollinate Pro can be especially beneficial where the following conditions apply: An inadequate number of beehives are present Available hives have low bee populations Death of bees from pesticide misuse Cold, windy or overcast weather Competing crops or weeds are nearby Lack of adequate viable pollen Improved seed yield or quality is necessary Reduced incidence Read more about How can Pollinate Pro help with good pollination?[…]

Natural pollinators such as honey bees

Some plants set fruit without the need for natural pollinators such as honey bees but the yield can most definitely be improved with the help in pollination. This happens in two very popular home grown crops such as tomatoes and strawberries. Use Pollinate Plus for attracting these natural pollinators to your home garden and help Read more about Natural pollinators such as honey bees[…]

How Do Plants Get Pollinated?

Pollination occurs in several ways. People can transfer pollen from one flower to another, but most plants are pollinated without any help from people. Usually plants rely on animals or the wind to pollinate them. When animals such as bees, butterflies, moths, flies, and hummingbirds pollinate plants, it’s accidental. They are not trying to pollinate Read more about How Do Plants Get Pollinated?[…]