Case Study

In increased Bing Cherry yield

at Johnson Orchards





Johnson Orchards is a small family

owned grower in Yakima WA.


Orchard is approx. 20 acres.


Orchard grows Cherry’s, Apricots,

Peaches, Pears and Apples.


6 Acres of Cherries within the orchard.


Cherry crop was less than expected for

the 2016 growing season.


Placed 24 bee hives on the property as

previous years.  12 on the North,


Use of Pollinate Pro

The Instar Team placed Pollinate Pro, an advanced bee attractant throughout the orchard for maximum coverage.


Time of Year

Pollinate Pro was applied to the orchard in April, just before the start of the cherry growing season.



Product  was  placed  directly  to  each  tree  in  the  North  Orchard taking less than 1.5 hours and 3 people.  Approx. 300 ml used per acre.



Product output was 3X over the South Orchard.  Placed the product on one tree in the south orchard with a 3X yield over the

surrounding trees in the same orchard.  Improvement was approx. 150% increase in quantity over the south orchard.

“When Instar Naturals approached me this year for a trial of Pollinate Pro, I was skeptical on its effectiveness. With 6 acres of Bing and Rainier Cherry's in my orchard, it was expected to be a great year for my Cherries, however, it turned out to be a tough year for industry pollination.


Because I used Pollinate Pro on my North Orchard, the effects of the decreased pollination were eliminated any my yield was 3X over my south orchard.  Each tree in the north orchard had approx. 65% more cherry's than the south property.”


Eric Johnson

–Owner Johnson Orchards Yakima WA